Beillen U95 Li-ion battery for EX1/EX3Beillen U95 Li-ion battery for EX1/EX3

Beillen U95 Li-ion battery for EX1/EX3


169,00 € + VAT
214,63 €
95Wh, 6.6Ah, 14.8V
4 level LED,
PT output for lights,
5.1" x 2.7" x 1.6",
131x70x42 mm,
1.4 lbs (650 grams)
Beillen BL-U95 is a low cost replacement battery of the original SONY BP-U30 or BP-U60, designed specifically to use with EX1 and EX3 camcorders. The cell chemistry is Li-ion, so there is no memory effect.

Capacity of the BL-U95 is 95Wh, which means more then 7 hours of extended recording time (based on the 13W rated power consumption of EX1 with LCD off).

Beillen U95 Li-ion battery is equipped with a standard Power Tap connector which outputs 14.8V for on-board camera lights. The maximum load allowed is 55W.

To use Beillen BL-U95 with EX1 or EX3 camcorder, the battery has to be attached to the camera's battery mount, and its output cable has to be connected to the camcorder's DC input plug. Battery state indication will not be available in the viewfinder, which would be a feature with original SONY batteries. However, a four level LED will show you the charge level with a press of a button at the back of the BL-U95 battery.

Beillen U95 can be charged with SONY BC-U1, as well as with Beillen T1A. If using with our T1A charger, the battery is connected to the charger through the Power Tap connector. Estimated charging time is 240 minutes with BC-U1, and 230 minutes with Beillen T1A.

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