Beillen BL-X-BP250 High Load V-Lock battery for ARRI

Beillen BL-X-BP250 High Load V-Mount Li-ion battery


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250Wh, 17Ah, 14.8V
5 level LED
D-Tap output for cameralights
USB output 5V 1A
115 x 92 x 97 mm
1470 grams

Max load: 15A, 180W
*Output Connector
USB & Power Tap
*Power indicator
15A / 180W
*Capacity (Wh)
Fits Minis

Full capacity: 250 Wh
Max power output: 180W/15A @ 25°C, 150W / 12A @ 35°C

Chemistry: Lithium-ion
Cells used: High Power cells supporting high current drain
Type: V-Mount

Beillen BL-X-BP250 is a 250 Wh high load V-Lock type battery designed with cinematic cameras in mind. The compact size battery fits well to ARRI and RED cameras. The high-drain cells provide optimal battery performance even for power hungry setups. BL-X-BP250 features strong housing that is fireproof and offers fine drop protection. The battery cells are arranged in a honeycomb module structure to ensure insulation of the cells and the PCB. This results in overall better safety and reliability. The built in D-Tap and USB outputs provide the benefit of powering additional on-camera equipment as well as charging a phone or tablet. Besides its high load option, BL-X-BP250 offers very high capacity providing long runtime even for the most demanding setup.
Besides the general broadcast and cine range of professional camcorders, Beillen compact size R and X series batteries also fit well the minis, such as ARRI Alexa MINI or RED Scarlet MINI.


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