Comer CM-LED1800 Videolight KITComer CM-LED1800 Videolight KIT

Comer CM-LED1800 Videolight KIT with 190Wh V-Lock Battery


589,00 € + VAT
748,03 €
Professional 1800 lux LED light
with a 190Wh V-Mount battery

The kit consist of the following items:
- 1x COMER CM-LED1800 on-board cameralight,
- 1x BEILLEN BL-BP190 V-Mount Li-ion battery.


Input: DC 6V-17V
Max. Power Consumption: 18W
Max. Luminosity: 1800 lux (at 1 meter)
Dimmer: 10% - 100%
Color Temperature: 4500K/3200K
Dimensions: 110mm x 150mm x 130mm
Weight: 420 gram
LED estimated life time: 10.000 hours
Interface: Power Tap cable (two pin, M)
Mount type: both camera cold shoe and bolt

Luminosity at different distances:
1m: 1800 lux
3m: 200 lux
5m: 72 lux
10m: 18lux

Included accessories:
Barn doors
Condenser lens
3200K filter

Comer CM-LED1800 on-board cameralight is a professional accessory for broadcast camcorders, equipped with either a cold shoe or a bolt-on shoe type. To power the CM-LED1800, simply plug the attached Power Tap cable into the Power Tap connector of your battery, or battery adapter plate.

Due to LED technology, Comer CM-LED1800 has a very low power consumption (approx. 18W at max), paired with very high levels of luminosity. Brightness intensity can be controlled with the built in dimmer. Using the condenser lens shipped with CM-LED1800, a high beam spotlight setup is achieved.


Full capacity: 190 Wh
Max power output: 80 W
Battery runtime at 30W power consumption: 392 minutes
Charging time with BLB1703-AN2 charger: 277 minutes
Output connector type: Power Tap, 2 pin (F)
Chemistry: Lithium-ion
Cells used: LG, Grade A
Type: V-Lock mount

Beillen BL-BP190 is a 190Wh Li-ion battery with standard V-Lock connection, specifically designed for power-hungry applications, for example to power the camcorder along with an on-camera light and another device. The battery is equipped with the industry standard power tap connector. A typical 25-watt camcorder will be powered with Beillen BL-AN190 for more than 7 hours. 

BL-BP190 can provide more than 10 hours of continuos power for the CM-LED1800 on-camera light.


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