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Starting 10th September 2019, for all orders at Beillen eShop above 100 EUR we offer a solid discount.

Simply use the coupon code IBC2019 during checkout to get 20% OFF from your purchase value. 



Beillen Trade-in Deal 

Now you can make money from your old, drained-out camera batteries. The thing is simple. 

For each of the used batteries you send us, you enjoy a discount when purchasing a new Beillen V-Mount camera battery.
It works on a one for one basis.


Here is what you get

BL-BP95: 30 EUR discount

BL-BP130: 35 EUR discount

BL-BP160: 40 EUR discount

BL-BP190: 50 EUR discount

BL-BP230: 60 EUR discount

BL-R-BP95: 30 EUR discount

BL-R-BP160: 40 EUR discount

BL-R-BP240: 65 EUR discount

BL-X-BP99: 30 EUR discount

BL-X-BP160: 50 EUR discount

BL-X-BP250: 80 EUR discount

Discounts apply to the net price. 


What batteries are accepted?

Generally all 14.8V professional camera batteries are eligible, V-Mount, Gold Mount and NP1 types as well. Brand does not matter. Could be still working or completely dead.


Are there any restrictions? 

Excluded are all the batteries that are so badly damaged that their shipping and handling would be hazardous. Our battery exchange program is available in the EU countries.


Will all those old batteries be refurbished and sold?

No, those will be disposed the proper way.


OK, how to proceed? 

Simply send us an email listing the batteries you'd like to send, and those which you'd like to purchase. We'll set up the discount for you and you'll be able to place your order right away. The old batteries can even be sent to us after your new purchase has arrived. 





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