BLB1703-BP2E Li-ion chargerBLB1703-BP2E Li-ion charger

Beillen BLB1703-BP2E Dual Channel V-Mount Li-ion Charger


Sales price without tax 195,00 €
247,65 €
dual channel, simultaneous
charger and AC adapter
for V-Mount type Li-ion batteries

Input: AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz
Charger output: DC 16.8V, 2.5A or 5A
DC output: 16.7V 4.5A
Dimensions: 141 x 231 x 60 mm
Weight: 1 kg
Power: 100W

Beillen BLB1703-BP2 is a two channels simultaneous Li-ion charger for V-lock batteries and DC adapter. When used as a DC adapter, it powers the camcorder directly via XLR connector. If batteries are installed on the charging terminals, the adapter output is powered by the batteries.
Simultaneous charging on both channels works with batteries of less than or equal to 6.6Ah. Higher capacity batteries are charged with a higher current, sequentially.
Estimated charging times of Beillen V-Lock batteries with the BP2 charger:
BP65: 2.5 hours (for two channels simultaneously)
BP95: 3.8 hours (for two channels simultaneously)
BP130: 2.5 hours (sequential)
BP160: 3.2 hours (sequential)
BP190: 3.8 hours (sequential)
BP230: 4.2 hours (sequential) 
Beillen BP2 Li-ion charger is specifically designed to recharge Beillen Li-ion V-Lock batteries, but it can be used to charge other brands of 14.8V Li-Ion batteries with V-Lock connection, for example SWIT or IDX batteries. All trademarks used are properties of their respective owners.


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