Beillen BL-BP2G Dual Channel 15V/26V V-Mount Li-Ion Charger

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Beillen BL-BP2G charger provides 2 charging output channels to charge 15V or 26V V-Mount batteries. VAT Info

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Two charging channels with independent charging control and LED display. Automatically identifies 15V and 26V batteries to switch proper charging voltage. Constant current and constant voltage charging mode applied. Supports fast charging (5.6A) for batteries above 100Wh.

Low capacity (below 100Wh) 15V batteries are charged simulataneously. Higher capacity 15V batteries and 26V batteries will be charged sequentially.  

Weight: 1.2 kg
Dimensions: 132 x 170 x 96 mm
Input voltage: rated voltage 100-240VAC, working voltage: 90-265VAC
Charging output: 16.8VDC--> 3.0A/5.6A, 29.4VDC--> 3.8A

Charging times with Beillen BL-BP2G for single battery:
15V 6.8Ah ---> 3 hours
15V 11Ah ---> 2.8 hours (fast charge)
15V 14.7Ah ---> 3.4 hours (fast charge)
15V 19.8Ah ---> 4.3 hours (fast charge)
15V 24.5Ah ---> 5.2 hours (fast charge)
26V 9.8Ah ---> 3.4 hours
26V 14.7Ah ---> 4.7 hours

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